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So you wish to be part of W3PN Ecosystem?? Let’s make sure we are on the same page about what our work is all about.​

Despite the foundational role that privacy is meant to play in shaping Web3, genuinely impactful initiatives remain scarce. Many projects leverage the concept of privacy as a buzzword or for public relations advantage, rather than addressing tangible issues or enacting substantial changes at the infrastructural and transactional level.

We aim to change this by building practical tools, reserach and guidelines.

🎯 Our Ultimate Goal: Pioneering Privacy in the web3 era.​

Empowering individuals to take control of their digital privacy through the Web3 stack. We envision a world where privacy is a conscious, actively chosen lifestyle, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Why & How​

In the digital age, privacy is not just a priority but a fundamental human right.

Our diverse array of research, projects and tools are fueled by people who care about digital privacy, and we aim to maintain this authenticity through your continued support and the vibrant help of all those people who care about Privacy - the community.

Join Us!

You can contribute towards the ecosystem in a million different ways, and there is no way we could make processes for all of these contributions. Nor would we want to! However, getting from 0 to 1 is the hardest step. So we have made a few ways to get you up to speed.

βŽ† Enter the Community​

Use our tools & research, share your ideas and perspective, join conversations and help each other to make better questions, attend and enjoy our events!

βŽ† Become a Contributor​

Co-edit research and publications, update project's data throught pull requests, give us structured feedbacks, volunteer at events.


  • Web developer: help us developing our Ecosystem Website and Privacy Explorer. Join the Matrix chat and reach out to Coinmandeer for precise instructions
  • web3-privacy stack expert: join us developing practical guidelines for the builders , and improving the new Privacy Playbook for techies!

Writers, Storytellers and Marketers​

  • If you have a talent for writing, design or visuals, reach out to PG on Matrix chat! There is a lot going on, this is the fastest way to understand where you could help ATM
  • Help us in sharing our activities and story on Mirror
  • Join us in the development of this year Annual Report

Strategy, Research & Development​

  • Help us keep our web3-privacy DB the most extensive cool shit in the space with research, maintainance, and improvements. For more details have a look at 'contributors guide section below'.

Data & Analytics​

  • Data Analyst: help us updating and managing our JSON db to foster Privacy Explorer. For more details have a look at 'contributors guide section below'.

CEOs, Ambassadors and Advocates of web3-privacy Projects​

  • Help us keep up with your latest updates and get visibility: elevate your project's profile by updating your data here! For more details have a look at 'contributors guide section below'.


πŸ“– Contributor guide​

Maintaining privacy services database example: PR at GitHub


goal: up to date information in the database algorhithm:

  1. Open database
  2. Pick up a category (from DeFi to Infrastructure)
  3. Check
  • product-readiness (actual state: devnet, testnet, mainnet)
  • team status (public, anon)
  • github/docs-readiness (available/not)
  • ecosystem
  • token (yes/no/Coinmarketcap link).
  1. Add missing data & make a PR.


goal: broader list of categories within the privacy market. algorhithm:

  1. Open database
  2. Check "other" & "dapps" categories.
  3. Find sub-categories (min 3-4 projects per category). Examples: "marketplaces" or "data lakes".
  4. Once a new sub-category has been found - create it & move those projects under it.


goal: actual information on terminated or abandoned projects. algorhithm:

  1. Open database
  2. Check sunset projects (Twitter &/or Discord activity, GitHub activity).
  3. 6 months hiatus - mark them with an icon of the moon next to them.

category accuracy​

goal: check Infrastructure, dApps, Other categories if projects really belong there (some projects misslead readers pretending to be infrastructure, for example) algorhithm:

  1. Open database
  2. Check projects' website, documentation.
  3. Make observations if a projects belongs to particular category (infrastructure - providing broader protocol toolkit for different decentralised implementations).
  4. If project nature differs from category where it exists - move it to the right category.

βŽ† Donate​

Help us to stay distributed and independent so to constantly scale our impact on the state of the web3 privacy.

βŽ† Give Grant​

We are dedicated to continuous R&D of privacy tools, actively seeking new funds to further market maturity and aim to introduce 1 million people to the world of Web3 privacy.

Enjoy everything!​