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Hackathon Curation Pack

Hacker Manuals & Privacy Guidelines to help the builders deliver practical privacy-enhancing projects, turn them into products, & scale being sustainable. To showcase and distribute during privacy events worldwide.


Current idea

context: we were actively participating in hackathons core at ETHRome & core at ETHDam, judging & speaking, making Privacy Corner at ETHBerlin.

We understood that many people came into privacy after Tornado Cash case or Vitalik promoting privacy solutions & cypherpunk spirit. But hackers don’t get privacy in the bigger context

  • surveillance capitalism business models
  • centralization of knowledge
  • proprietary software etc.

idea: we want to come up with “acceleration”/“incubation” umbrella helping devs to reach product-market-fit (read: long-lasting sustainability; example: Rotki, based on Gitcoin, retro grants, reputation).


  • make meaningful privacy-solutions -> so accidental in privacy people will do not a dead code
  • build sustainable privacy projects -> turn hackathon demos into products that will stay
  • re-wire crypto funds into value alligned hands -> match conscious devs with good mentors, grant programs etc

alt text click for a hi-rez

latest updates

  • Repository has been structured & updated
  • Hackathon curation pack docs has been updated
  • Demo shipped to Git

what we have

Pagency framework for privacy use-cases ideation

alt text

Hackathon use-case generator - micro-service to generate ideas for hackathon privacy-projects + 100 pre-build use-cases github, docs alt text

Privacy market DB: Explorer alt text

what we will do this year

  • privacy 101 Academy
  • Working hackathon use-case generator with the both previous hackathons use-cases & expert takes (ETHBerlin example)
  • Community Crowdfunding System (CSS) (reference - but for the whole privacy market)
  • Social movements mentorship during 1 hackathon - adding humanitarian & direct action knowledge for hackers to build for a real world & real people
  • not directly related to the subject (Ethereum Privacy Ecosystem report, events, expanded Explorer, skill board for people seeking jobs in privacy etc)
  • TBD