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Hackathon Curation Pack

Hacker Manuals & Privacy Guidelines to help the builders to uderstand actual issues in the market. To showcase and distribute during our events worldwide.


Usually hackers don’t know what use-cases they will build, so we want to empower them with a practical set of frameworks guiding them across dev hackathon journey. “Hackathon curation pack” will become a “privacy-centric hackathon bible” for both devs & event managers.


  • increase efficiency behind solutions (towards more practical & viable)
  • skip duplications (so people wouldn’t build the same solutions, but invent something new)


Framework (v 1.0 = “Notion-type” of wiki; v 2.0 = website) - set of guides, tools, uses-cases DB, ideas from the market experts, recommendations from devs & hackathon judges

We map dev hackathon journey & provide valuable tools + guides on each step from ideation to presentation

Provide unified privacy-centric hackathon use-cases DB 22-24 (so devs could fork, get inspiration, avoid duplication)

Interview devs, devrel engineers, judges → share practical recommendations on how to maximize hackathon efficiency

Share benchmarks (hackathon demos, decks, post-hackathon websites etc)


  • 2000 devs outreached
  • 5-10 events native implementation x usage: ETHDam, ETHRome, ETHBrno, ETHBucharest among others.