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Event types

We divide events into the following types according to their length and goal:


Main types

Type (code)SlotsBudgetDescription
Meetup (m)3 - 5$1-5kshorter gatherings for a few hours
Summit (s)10 - 16$20-40ka day-long gathering
Hackathon (h)variable$40-60ka multi-day event focused on hacking

Associated types

Type (code)SlotsBudgetDescription
Privacy Corner (c)-$3-10kpop-up space inside of major hackathons
Meta-hackathon (q)variable$15-30ka multi-day event focused on W3PN activities
Congress (x)-?W3PN governance gathering

Details of types


A meetup is a shorter type of event for 2-6 hours (usually afternoon/evening).

The number of slots at a meetup is usually 3-5.


The Summit is an all-day event, usually followed by an afterparty.

Summit is usually made up of 10-16 slots.


A hackathon is usually a multi-day event focused on creation. What makes it different from other types is that it should end with some work being done, whether it’s some privacy-focused projects or pushing our own projects forward.

A Hackathon is usually accompanied by one or more Meetups, or possibly a Summit.

The number of slots at the hackathon is very flexible.


The meta-hackathon is a multi-day event focused purely on building and expanding Web3Privacy Now activities.