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Week in the Privacy News

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Weekly newsletter with round-up of the most important news happening around privacy in Web3.


  • privacy protocols news
  • research and statistics
  • interviews and panel discussions
  • regulatory news
  • educational and inspiring videos
  • security news incl. exploits
  • events (IRL, online…)
  • social layer news
  • news regarding human freedoms
  • interesting talks on social media

Web frontend

Newsletter platform

We use Paragraph as a platform for newsletter subscription and distribution:

How to contribute?


Each issue of Week in the Privacy consists of the following parts:


  • Research
  • Concepts
  • Ecosystem
  • Governments
  • Releases - only software releases
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Community
  • Events
  • Other

News items

* <text> [(<src>)]
  • Keep it as brief and informative as possible
  • Each news item must contain a link directly in the text
  • There should only be one link in the text, rarely more
  • The main link should be made up of words that capture the essence of the news item
  • Use a Twitter/X handle in a message if it’s about someone specific - e.g. Horswap: ...., by @MicahZoltu (src)

Usually each message has 1-2 links:

  • main link - points to a specific project, report, message, etc.
  • source link (optional) - points to the source of this news like article, tweet etc.

For links to pages to article with a paywall, its a good idea to use e.g., through which the whole articles are available.

Examples of news item

Good exampleBad example
βœ… Wired: experience with Signal usernames❌ Keep your phone number private with Signal usernames
βœ… Memetic warfare: notes from the W3PN Summit meme talk by @lunar_mining❌ lunar_mining from DarkFi shared txt / img / meme version of her speech at Web3Privacy Summit Prague 2023
βœ… EFF: Unregulated, Exploitative, and on the Rise report on electronic monitoring from Vera Institute❌ Unregulated, Exploitative, and on the Rise: Vera Institute’s Report on Electronic Monitoring
βœ… Aleo users alarmed by leaked KYC documents❌ Privacy-focused Aleo users concerned after KYC documents leak
βœ… Russia arrested a woman for a $51 donation to Ukraine charity, facing up to 20 years in prison❌ Arrested in Russia a US-Russian dual citizen faces up to 20 years for donating $51 to Ukraine)

Upcoming events

This section lists future privacy-related events.

Event item

* <date>, <event-name> [(<city>)] [type-of-event]
  • city - not needed if it is clear from the event name (eq. ETHBerlin - Berlin)
  • date - can be exact date or just a month
  • if the event has been edited or added, then whole line should be in bold

For example:

* May 24-26, [ETHBerlin]( hackathon

Example of Upcoming events

### Upcoming events
*(new/changes in **bold**)*
* May 24-26, [ETHBerlin]( hackathon
* Oct, [Web3Privacy Now Summit]( (Brno) conference
* **Oct, [ETHBrno]( hackathon**

Weekly frequency

The news is divided to calendar weeks. At the end of each week the news is taken, polished and published in the form of a newsletter.

Weekly checklist

  1. collect all suggestions from the input funnels and create a records from them
  2. check all items, add categories and other mandatory parameters

Trial Period

A 4-week trial period has been set to start.

  • Period: Feb 5 - Mar 3, 2024 (4 weeks)
WeekStart - EndCurator
2024-06Feb 5 - 11Tree
2024-07Feb 12 - 18Mykola
2024-08Feb 19 - 25PG
2024-09Feb 26 - Mar 3Coinmandeer


@web3privacy/newsNews source data & web frontend

Sources (alternatives)


  • Tree (lead)
  • Mykola
  • Coinmandeer
  • PG