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Welcome to Web3Privacy Now Documentation

This documentation aims to provide a comprehensive overview of our motivations, activities, and the various ways in which you can contribute. Whether you’re new to Web3Privacy Now or looking to deepen your involvement, you’ll find valuable insights and directions.

What is Web3Privacy Now?

Web3Privacy Now (W3PN) is an independent, non-profit and community-based initiative to research and popularize privacy-enhancing services within web3 industry. You can read our Manifesto.

Our projects

Upcoming projects

History & Roadmap

A summary of what we have already accomplished can be found on the History page.

Become part of the community

For contributors

We use various Communication tools. For our work we use different Git repositories, and for organizational purposes our effort is divided into several Workgroups.


The initiative is managed by a Core Team of four people who take care of operations. We are also in the process of creating Association as legal entity for our activities.

We are very open πŸ’›

All our activities are public and fully open-source. Feel free to contribute!