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W3PN research branch fills the gap within the market knowledge + makes data free & public forever (not locked within web3 analytical services).

Areas of interest


Privacy marke DBPrivacy services x web3 initial market DB aggregation: segmentation, key links (web, git, docs), ecosystem, product liveliness etc. 600 projects in the
Privacy market outlook (annual report)150-pages report on the state of privacy x web3 from funding to key projects.2022
ZK in privacyGeneral DB aggregation focused on ZK for privacy.DB
Privacy use-cases within the Ukrainian-Russian warResearch how privacy tools can protect human rights, vulnerable audiences within the war, migration & cross-border relations. Supported by Zcash
Privacy jobs marketHiring snapshot across the market: total vacancies, grades, technical x non-technical positions, hiring scope within specific companies &
Privacy grants marketAllocation of the ongoing grant programs across the
Diversity in privacy marketState of diversity within the privacy market: general cultural practices, actual issues,
Privacy use-casesBasic DB of the privacy-centric use-cases.DB
Privacy use-cases ideation framework for devsPagency framework for facilitation privacy use-cases (privacy services modelling)link

Ongoing researches

Scoring model for privacy-services attestationResearch aimed to find out dark patterns in privacy, create comprehensive scoring model to test privacy claims on behalf of the projects Supported by Ethereum Foundation, Mask
Ethereum Privacy EcosystemComprehensive privacy-centric research aimed to map Ethereum-centric privacy services, use-cases, product stages, missing areas (use-cases), funding landscape etc Supported by MolochDAOlink
Privacy marke DB maintainancePrivacy services x web3 market DB support: data actualisation, adding new

Future researches

  1. Privacy features audit concept for security audit organizations & whitehackers: link
  2. Hackathon curation pack: link
  3. Privacy market outlook (annual report): 24

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