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Our event concept is based on creating a unified schedule of events for the entire season and spreading events over whole year and different locations. Instead of just doing one huge event in one location that only happens for a day or two, we are trying to create something like a “distributed conference”.

We aim to produce high quality events that bring a very similar atmosphere and content to many venues around the world, providing a unique experience for visitors, speakers and other participants.

List of events

Structured data source

The source files with basic data about our events can be found in our data Git repository:

Feel free to edit or modify!

Naming conventions

Unique event identifier (ID)

Each event has an assigned unique identifier for referencing.

The event identifier consists of:

1 lettercode of event types
2 lettercalendar year24
2-3 letterspseudo city/event codeprg
1 lettersequence number (optional)-

Example identifiers:

  • s24prg - summit in Prague 2024
  • m24dc - meetup near Devcon 2024
  • c25be - Privacy Corner on MoneroKon 2025
  • m25prg2 - second meetup in Prague 2025

Name of the event

The name of the event is based on its type, geographical location and year:

  • Web3Privacy Now <event-type> <city> <year>
  • W3PN <event-type> <city> <year>

For internal referencing its possible to skip W3PN or Web3Privacy Now part.


  • Web3Privacy Now Summit Prague 2024
  • W3PN Hackathon Bled 2024
  • Meetup Bucharest 2024 (internal)


In terms of time, everything is divided into individual programme seasons or planning periods. For us, this is the calendar year.

Prior to each season, each regional team will prepare a unified event plan for the entire region.

Within the season, all events are prepared together as one package. This also applies to partners and speakers, which are gathered for the whole package.

Season Budget

Each season as a whole has a predetermined budget that we want to raise from sponsors and donors. These funds are then used to cover the costs associated with organising these events.

The Season Budget consists of budget approved by Web3Privacy Now association.


The basic division by location is into major regions according to wider regions or continents (e.g. Europe, LATAM, etc.).

Regional teams

Regional teams are responsible for organising events in a specific region. We only start doing events within a region if we have enough people forming a regional organization team.

Regions we cover (2024)

For the 2024 season, we want to cover the following regions:

  • Europe - Europe regional team (EthCC, ETHBerlin, ETHDam, ETHPrague and many more)
  • Devcon (Southeast Asia)

Our goal in each region is to spread the events evenly, both in time and space across the entire region (or important events that take place there).

Date and location

Most of our events are held in conjunction with another major Ethereum event in the region (e.g. Devcon(nect), EthCC, ETHBerlin, ETHPrague, etc.).

Our aim is to cover these big events and offer an alternative to expand the numbers of our supporters.

We are also preparing a couple of separate events within the season, which are intended to complement our event portfolio. These may be events that fill in the less popular periods (eq. Barcelona meetup in winter) or it may be our own Web3Privacy Now hackathon or team building.

Event types

We divide events into different types according to their length and purpose.

Example: Summit, Meetup, Hackathon etc.


Each event is composed of a predetermined number of slots.

Slots serves as a basic breakdown of the programme of each event. Each slot can be occupied by a talk, workshop, panel debate, etc. (see Program formats).

The standard duration of one slot is 30 minutes.

Program formats

At each event, the program is made up of slots that are filled with different formats.

Example: Talk, Workshop, Panel discussion etc.

List of program formats →



Funds to pay for event expenses and services come from the shared Season Budget dedicated for the season.

The amount to be provided for a particular event depends on the type of event, its duration and other parameters.

Legal cover for events is handled by our association.

Visual identity



The food and drink provided at a particular event is based on other circumstances, such as the amount of admission or duration of the event. Basically, we try to provide our visitors with as much comfort as possible without spending too much.

On the shortest Meetups there is minimal catering water and snacks like fruit, bagels, pizza or similar.

At longer Summits or Hackathons (or paid events) we try to offer a full range of food and drink, including lunch, dinner and various desserts and drinks (incl. beer).

Content recording

All content at all our events (Meetup, Summit, Hackathon) is recorded (unless stated otherwise). For this purpose we use our own low-cost Recording setup.

Larger events such as the Summits can also be streamed online.



Whether a particular event is free or we charge admission will depend on the context. The entrance fee and its amount are mainly taken as a tool for self-regulation of the number and quality of visitors.

We will apply admission fees where we expect a lot of interest and, on the contrary, events in less busy periods should be free of charge, which will serve as an incentive for visitors.

All our members have a free admission to event, even if an entry fee is applied.


With the start of each season we will start pre-registration for all events within that season. Potential visitors will be able to express their preferences for when and where they want to attend our events.

The only private information we collect for pre-registration will be name and email. Visitors are advised to use a privacy email provider like Skiff Mail or Proton Mail.

Pre-registration will be done through temporary event profiles on the platform.

Approximately 2-3 months prior to the event, the final registration will open and all people will be notified via the email they entered during pre-registration (see Ticketing).


Final ticketing (registration) starts the moment we have a confirmed date and location, usually 2-3 months before the event.

  • Free admission - profile and registration on
  • Paid admission - OR special website and custom payment gateway (like Pretix)

All those who have pre-registered are notified of final registration via email.

Payment methods

We usually accept these payment methods:

  • fiat
    • payment cards
  • cryptocurrencies
    • BTC, BTC (Lightning)
    • ETH and stablecoins (also L2s)
    • XMR


We are looking for speakers for all events combined using a single Call for Proposal (CfP) form.

Within this form, speakers are able to choose the months and locations that suit them. This will offer speakers great flexibility in when and where they can present their ideas or projects.


If you are interested in visibility of your organization at our events, then we have the following options for you:

Members (General Partners)

Your organisation can become organisational member of Web3Privacy Now and automatically gain visibility at our events, depending on the Tier choosen.

Media partners

It is possible to become a general partner for all events, or just a partner for a specific event. Please contact us for more details.

Community partners

We offer local non-profit organizations and communities the opportunity to become a community partner for a specific event. Please contact us for more details.




We respect the privacy of our visitors and are therefore guided by the following principles.

Please respect the privacy of others!

No-photo policy

It is forbidden to take any photographs or video recordings of visitors at our events (except on stage) unless they give their express permission.

As organizers, we don’t share any such photos, and if we do - it’s only with anonymized faces of visitors.

No personal data sharing

We do not provide the personal information about visitors or other involved people to any other party.

Code of Conduct

Our events are guided by our community Code of Conduct.