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Privacy Explorer

3in1: a ranking system, database & comprehensive profiling to empower the general public in discerning the privacy levels, security, and reliability of Web3 projects.

Live demo here

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Despite the foundational role that privacy is meant to play in shaping Web3, genuinely impactful initiatives remain scarce. Many projects leverage the concept of privacy as a buzzword or for public relations advantage, rather than addressing tangible issues or enacting substantial changes at the infrastructural and transactional level.

That’s why a ranking system of all privacy-related projects in the Web3 could help a lot the users to discern and decide who to trust.


General public

  • Find projects you can trust
  • Explore your privacy stack
  • Compare projects’ privacy features
  • Filter projects by scoring
  • Filter projects by ecosystems
  • Explore which projects match your use case (like “swap assets”)


  • Explore projects delivering privacy
  • Research on use-cases
  • Improve existing solutions

Security audit companies / white hackers

  • Find clients lacking security audit (privacy-focused)


  • Explore early-stage projects
  • Find outstanding builders
  • Back critical privacy stack

About the Scoring Mechanism

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Quick preview module

Value: rapid snapshot of the privacy readiness

alt text

Filtering module

Value: match projects within your search or use-case (filter “zk”, “stealth addresses”, “Ethereum” etc)

alt text

Ranking module

Value: explore the most secure projects within category

alt text

Activity module

Value: explore latest updates from the product-readiness to the GitHub activity

alt text

Team module

Value: explore team, it’s reputation (historical privacy track record per person)

alt text

Privacy features module

Value: explore key privacy features & practices from the data collection to compliance-readiness

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Funding module

Value: find out about funding behind the project (VCs, donations, crowdloans)

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Recommendations module

Value: explore similar services matching your search or use-case

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Reviews module

Value: explore or contribute with the transparent feedback by the community

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Additional features

We plan to include more modules from guides & checklists to academy & available jos in privacy

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About the Scoring Mechanism

It will incorporate both expert analysis and community input, to offer impartial resources for evaluating projects.

  • Professional scoring would be a joint R&D with the key web3 people from protocol architects to security specialists. We are collecting feedbacks from privacy experts from the Ethereum Foundation, Railgun, Waku, NYM…

  • In parallel to the top-down scorecard method, we’ll develop and implement a bottom-up community scoring platform too (think of Metacritic exters + users scorings) -> at the end of the day it’s the users who have to become the real watchdogs of the industry, signaling about flaws and shortcomings of solutions.

We interviewed 100 privacy players & gathered an MVP vision — we are running a series of 1-on-1 feedback loop sessions to make the scoring model community validated.



MVPdec, 20231. Landing. 2. DeFi category scoring benchmark. 3. Easily upgradable Project data via GitHub. 4. Basic documentation.
QAjan, 20241. Bug fixing. 2. Content update. 3. Content filled by the projects themselves
V 1.0Feb, 20241. Category expansion (200 projects). 2. Scoring model major update (built by community). 2. Content update. 3. Content filled by the projects themselves (plus moderation). 5. Extended documentation.
V 2.0March, 20241. Full database synchronization (600 projects). 2. Content update (actualisation). 3. Content filled by the projects themselves (plus moderation).


Project Repositories

@web3privacy/explorerPrivacy Explorer project main repository
@web3privacy/explorer-appPrivacy Explorer application frontend
@web3privacy/explorer-dataData repository for Privacy Explorer project