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If you need some money for paying expenses of your privacy-related project, then we can help you with that too.

We are developing a transparent grant system that will serve as the main way to redistribute the majority of our income to (our) projects.

Scope of funding

  • cost of equipment and necessary tools
  • operating costs
  • marketing and promotional expenses

The subject of the funding request cannot be the direct payment of contributors - for these purposes it is necessary to become a member of the Contributors Guild.

Funding Requests

Funding Request Proposals (FRPs) is a transparent application process to receive money from our Treasury. Most of our income is redistributed through these applications.

Each application will be assessed by members of the Core Team, according to whose decision it will be accepted or rejected.

All funding requests are handled through Issues in the @web3privacy/funding repository.

Proposal requirements

  • the amount required
  • the purpose for which the funds will be used
  • the person or group of people responsible