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Privacy Tech Awards

The Privacy Tech Awards poll is a annual vote of the public and an expert jury, which evaluates the most popular and interesting projects and services of Web3 privacy industry.

The expert jury is composed of prominent personalities of the privacy and freedom tech world. Their evaluation will determine the ranking in the categories for the expert jury.

Description of process

  • First month - nominations
  • Second month - voting
  • Award ceremony at the Web3Privacy Summit

Categories of awards

Categories for the public

  • Best wallet
  • Best DeFi project
  • Best infrastructure project
  • Best VPN provider
  • Best identity project
  • Best storage project
  • …

Categories for the jury

  • Personality of the Year
  • Project of the Year
  • Anti-Award
  • …


  1. The public and the Expert Jury first nominate for each category according to the nomination conditions. The Expert Panel will then organize, sort and complete the public nominations for the final vote. The public or the Expert Jury (depending on the category) will then vote to determine their final ranking.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to award a Wild Card nomination in any category to a project that has not been selected by the Expert Panel or nominations from the public or the Expert Jury.
  3. If a project or Personality of the Year in the categories decided by the Expert Jury has been selected and awarded in a previous year of the survey, it cannot be nominated for the final vote a second time. Only if there has been a significant shift or development in a particular case which, in the Expert Panel’s opinion, provides a serious reason for the project or person to be awarded again, may the Expert Panel nominate it again.
  4. By participating in the poll, all nominators and voters agree to respect the rules of the poll. The organizer reserves the right to take any measures to protect the impartiality, objectivity and proper conduct of the poll and to change or modify the rules of the poll or even cancel it.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to determine, at its discretion, whether any project or person should be excluded from nominations or voting, especially if it involves institutions, services or projects that behave immorally or that spread or promote national, racial, religious or other comparable intolerance or xenophobia. It may do so retrospectively, for example if it finds the reason for exclusion during the course of the survey.
  6. Projects are allowed to actively encourage their supporters to nominate in the poll. Projects are not allowed to motivate their users with any gift, reward, etc.