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For all privacy enthusiasts, as well as projects and companies, we offer a simple and straightforward way for you to support us financially and become an integral part of our community with many benefits.

Our Principles:

  1. We care about our independence being an open-source & community-driven organisation.

  2. We don’t work for any company, but collaborate with them. The last decision always on us.

  3. Perfect match is a partner who cares about privacy market growth & support advocacy. Together we can growth.

β†’ Personal Membership

For all independent privacy advocates, developers or just curious people.

  • fee: 150 EUR / year

How to become a member?

Just fill out the application form on our website (TODO) and pay the annual membership fee.

β†’ Organizations Membership

We also offer membership for companies, projects and other organizations. This type of membership is divided into several tiers, according to the amount of membership fee paid.

  • Company membership fee: 7K - 40K EUR / year (depends on tier)
  • Company membership fee (non-profits): 1K EUR / year

How to become an organisational member?

If you would like a membership for your organisation then please contact us on our email: