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Historical track record of Web3Privacy Now.



  • Research: Scoring model for techies update: GitHub
  • Research: Explorer platform beta update web
  • Development: W3PN website launch web
  • Research: Ethereum Privacy Ecosystem GitHub
  • Article: #2023privacyproof finalists announced Mirror
  • Article: Doxxer of the year #2023privacyproof Mirror
  • Article: Exciting innovation in privacy #2023privacyproof Mirror
  • Article: Major news & events in 23’ privacy #2023privacyproof Mirror
  • Article: Pro-privacy projects of the year #2023privacyproof Mirror
  • Article: Annual Privacy Tech Poll: longlist update Mirror


Year overview


  • Article: #2023privacyproof longlist selection announced Mirror
  • Poll: Annual Privacy Tech Poll launching Mirror
  • Article: Delivery Update Q423 Mirror
  • Research: 600 projects in our Privacy services in Web3 database: GitHub
  • Research: Privacy coins watchlist on CMC: Coinmarketcap


  • Article: Web3Privacy Now Summit #2 - “Community 1st”: Mirror
  • Playbook: Privacy-services’ scoring model for non-techies (playbook): Mirror
  • Youtube: Web3privacy now account launch (with W3PN x ETHRome lectures): YouTube
  • Event: Web3Privacy Now Meetup Prague #1: Lu.Ma
  • Events: W3PSN event calendar: GitHub
  • Design: Explorer UI: GitHub, V1.0,V1.1, V 1.1 mobile, V1.2,
  • Design: Asset Router concept: V1.0
  • Research: Explorer breaf: Brief. Pull requests by Railgun_, Waku, Lit, Brume, Webb
  • Research: Scoring matching: Brief, Non-techies validity, MVP: GitHub
  • Research: Explorer product features: GitHub


  • Article: Building “l2beat for privacy” at ETHRome: Mirror
  • Article: From scoring model to interfaces: Web3privacy now: Mirror
  • Judging: ETHRome privacy & governance hackathon
  • Article: Making web3-privacy assessment research: public feedback: Mirror
  • Development: Explorer platform prototyping: Hackathon project
  • Research: Data Manifest for Explorer platform: GitHub
  • Design: Explorer platform visual prototype: Figma, Try prototype
  • Development: Explorer platform live demo: Vercel, GitHub
  • Research: Explorer data survey: Typeform
  • Research: Scoring model testing repo: GitHub
  • Research: Privacy features audit concept for security audit organizations & whitehackers: GitHub
  • Event: Web3Privacy Now: Community 1st x Rome: Lu.Ma


  • Infographic: Privacy investment landscape 2023: X
  • Research: 500 projects in our Privacy services in Web3 database: GitHub


  • First Event Web3Privacy Now Summit in Prague (web)
  • Speaking: Privacy as a lifestyle @ ETHBarcelona, Mykola: YouTube
  • Research: Framework for the privacy assessment for non-techies: PDF


  • Talk: Privacy First | Parazyd x DarkFi, Ameen Soleimani x Privacy Pools, Mykola x W3PN | ETHDam 2023: YouTube
  • Grant: EF grant announcement x Scoring model for non-techies & techies, Project


  • Article: Web3privacy now ecosystem launch, Mirror
  • Research: Privacy use-cases within the Ukrainian-Russian war: Zcash Forun, PDF


  • Grant: Privacy services from Zcash to Status usage within the Ukrainian-Russian war: Zcash Forum
  • Podcast: Priv8 x Mykola: Podcast


  • Report: Privacy market outlook in Web3: report: Medium, PDF
  • Report: Diversity in the web3: privacy market outlook: Medium,
  • Article: Zero-knowledge for everyone as ABC!: Mirror
  • Research: Web3 Privacy Hiring & grants table: Spreadsheet
  • Talk: UkraineDAO on privacy x Mykola: X Spaces
  • Infographic: Web3privacy landscape: GitHub
  • Infographic: ZK x Privacy landscape: GitHub
  • Research: ZK x Privacy DB: GitHub
  • Research: 300 projects in our Privacy services in Web3 database: GitHub
  • Research: Privacy assessment platform concept: GitHub
  • Research: Privacy assessment market survey: GitHub, Spreadsheet


Year overview

  • Research & Analyses of the web3 privacy market


  • Article: Privacy-Web3 market-fit: search of privacy sustainability: Medium
  • Article: Web3 privacy layers overview from embedded to total anonymity: Medium
  • Research: What if… they won’t have my data matrix: GitHub
  • Research: Pagency framework - tool to facilitate impactful privacy-enhancing ideas for developers: GitHub, PDF, Template
  • Research: Privacy x web3 use-cases: GitHub
  • Research: 200 projects in our Privacy services in Web3 database, GitHub


  • Research: Privacy services in Web3 database creation, GitHub
  • Talk: #FreeAlex Web3 activism handbook, Mykola: YouTube
  • Article: Urge for the PEDApps -Privacy Enhanced Decentralised Applications Medium
  • November 11-13, 2022 - The emergence of Web3Privacy Now research as a hackathon project at ETHBrno 2022.