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Contributors Guild

A collective of Web3Privacy Now contributors receiving personal incentives.

The Contributor Guild serves as the main financial reward system for people working for W3PN. We don’t want to give ourselves paychecks, nor do we want to make a complicated system of paying by hourly rates or tasks completed, so we choose a simpler route inspired by the Protocol Guild.

This Guild is automatically funded by percentage cut from our income and anyone who does long-term activity (or “work”) for W3PN have the opportunity to become a part of this guild and thus receive some financial compensation, based on simple criteria. In simplicity there is power, and we think this system can be much fairer and more scalable. Its also good that it motivates for long-term cooperation.


  • reward long-term contributors



Slot holders

Slot holders are members of the Guild who have qualified for a placement (slot) in the split contract. Estimated to be around 10-25 individuals, however the actual number may be higher or lower. There is no cap or target for number of slots. Slots can be set to any Ethereum address, including the individual’s own, a charity, or another split contract.


Qualifying contributions are all contributions to Web3Privacy Now projects.


Members must notify each other if their contribution status changes, or if the work that afforded eligibility breaks one of the guidelines above. If you’re unsure about whether a new focus is still qualified, please ask the broader membership.

At least once per year, members must prove ownership of the supplied address: members can claim vested funds or sign a message with their private key. This limits the impact of compromised wallets or lost keys.

Please note that the membership list will be publicly available in order to maintain transparency and mutual trust with both the broader community and sponsors. However, addresses and their associated weights will not be shared.


Antifragility and non-gameability emerge from simple frameworks. This limits the time spent deciding appropriate categories, the methods for collecting and verifying as well as the time spent weighting contributors. Additionally, this should limit cases of ambiguity gaming that might come up in complicated weighting schemes. Based on member feedback, we’ve settled on these guidelines:

SQRT((eligibleMonths - monthsOnBreak) * timeWeighting)

  • Historic contributions are considered in weightings
  • timeWeighting can be either 1.0 for full-time, .5 for half-time contributors and .25 for part-time contributors
  • Existing contributors get “diluted” as newcomers come in
  • Continuing contributors get additional weight per month they are active. This means historic contributors don’t maintain their split weighting if they leave protocol development
  • Anyone who stops contributing should remove themselves from the membership, and may be removed via periodic curation reviews

New members

Eligible and confirmed members should be given an onboarding form link to be added to the split contract at the next quarterly update. They should also be added to the Protocol Guild’s Discord and given the proper Guild Member / Team roles.


For transparency purposes, we are disclosing each Guild member’s team, the name/identifier, and a link to their work. This set will evolve over time as members leave W3PN development or change teams.

TeamName / Link to work