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In this section you will find a detailed description of how Web3Privacy Now governance works.

Governance Structure

Governance Units

The Web3Privacy Now initiative is composed of these basic governance units:

Personal roles within initiative

Sorted by competencies - from least to most.

Role nameCompetencesTransparency
Guest / Visitornone🔒 private
Membernone🔒 private
Member with voting rightsvoting on the congress🔒 private
Workgroup member (contributor)decision-making within the working group🔒 private
Contributors Guild member*receives financial compensation🥷 pseudonym (name, link)
Association Committee member*operate with finances and curate Contributors Guild👁️ public
Core Team member*decides on the most important issues, controls Association🥷 pseudonym (name, link)

* - People with these roles automatically become Members with voting rights:

  • Contributors Guild members
  • Association Committee members
  • Core Team members