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Core Team

The Core Team is the team of people who manage this initiative.

Core Team members are elected by decision of the Congress for a term of 5 years. It is also exceptionally possible to recall or elect a new member by majority decision of the Core Team itself.


  • handle daily decision-making of initiative
  • communicates with the general public (Contact us)
  • oversees and guides the Association
  • may extraordinarily elect or recall members of the Association Committee
  • control access to basic infrastructure (domains, service accounts etc.)
  • control on-chain treasury (Multi-sig wallet)
  • hosts weekly Core Team calls


  • Lead: Mykola
Mykola@msiusko@k1983:matrix .org
Tree@burningtree@tree:gwei .cz
PG@EclecticSamurai@pg_cdg:matrix .org
Coinmandeer@coinmandeer@coinmandeer:matrix .org

Git repositories

@web3privacy/coreCore team PM
@web3privacy/core-internal 🔒Core team internals (private)
@web3privacy/dns-zones 🔒Our DNS zones (private)
@web3privacy/sysop-info 🔒Basic sysop info (private)

Matrix channels

Core Team 🔒Main channel - general Core Team discussion
Asssociation 🔒Internal discussion about Association
Partnership 🔒Partnership workstream discussion



Note: If you use Skiff/Proton Mail you can make the communication E2E encrypted.